Wanda Durant, lovingly known as The Real MVP ™ is a strong leader, advocate, and philanthropist whose passion is to help single mothers, women, and children. She is the mother of two sons, businessman, Anthony (Tony) Durant and NBA star, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors.  Today, she travels the country sharing her life experience with women of all ages, single mothers, and children.

At the age of 18, Wanda became a teenage mother giving birth to Anthony.  After marrying his father, Wanda, now just 21, gave birth to Kevin. Before Kevin’s first birthday, Wanda became a single mother.  Inspired by her young sons and knowing God would lead their family, she dedicated her life to her children’s formative years, ultimately sacrificing her own aspirations to ensure a solid foundation for her sons’ future success.

After a two-decade career with the federal government, raising her sons, and working alongside them in their careers, Wanda became overwhelmed with a long-ignored desire to find her purpose beyond being a mother.  

Wanda is an inspirational speaker, who propels women, single mothers, and children to follow their dreams and set life goals.  Sharing her upbeat message of empowerment with faith-based organizations, corporations, non-profit organizations, community events, and youth groups.  She also serves as a host of several events across the country.

As a businesswoman and champion of many causes, Wanda lends support to The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, The Tony Durant Reach Higher Foundation, Community Kinship Coalition, Single Parents Network, Baller Moms, Positive Tomorrows, amongst others. 

It is Wanda’s passion to guide her audience to realize that hope is alive inside of them, encourage them to dream, and help them to truly believe they can achieve the future they want.